Cutler Celebrates 40 Years in Business by Giving Back

As Cutler Associates enters its fortieth year of business, the firm has taken on several efforts to celebrate in ways beyond the ordinary. One way was to commission a special logo to commemorate the past 40 years as well look toward the future -- the 'plus' of continuing to design and build quality landmark buildings and facilities.

Another initiative -- the firm's “40 Acts of Kindness” campaign -- is under way at this design-build firm, spearheaded by Cutler’s Andrea Healy and Cyndee Dornblaser. Employees were contacted to determine what 'acts' might be useful to local charities and communities and also be meaningful to employees.

“Our company has always adopted, as part of its mission, trying to create value in the community,” says company Chairman Frederic Mulligan.

The company was founded by Melvin Cutler in 1972. Mr. Mulligan says Mr. Cutler never forgot his roots in a low-income Bronx, NY, neighborhood. “Mel always said that no matter how tough we had it, especially in the early days of the company when we were struggling, that other people had it worse and it was our obligation to help.”

And so, with funding from the Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Trust Foundation and volunteering from staff, the company is working through a checklist of acts designed to pay it forward, or perhaps, pay it back.

As the first act that served to kick off the "40 Acts" campaign, more than a dozen children from Big Brother / Big Sister recently attended two Worcester Tornadoes baseball games, and employees from Cutler gave their time to chaperone and join in the fun. Future efforts include conducting food / clothing drives, a planting event to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful in the Florida offices, and adopting veterans' memorials in need of landscaping and upkeep. And of course, the list goes on.

So far, the firm has completed almost a dozen 'acts' and there are plans for many more through the summer and fall.

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