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Campus Renovation Specialists:
Our Blueprint for Success

Happy students, happy parents, and a happy school; that’s our proof of a successful campus renovation.

Cutler has been renovating all types of campus buildings for over 40 years. These projects come with a unique set of challenges, typically including tight schedules, tight budgets and the “surprises” inevitably uncovered behind the walls of some of these older buildings.

Through experience we have developed a blueprint for success, which consists of our APPROACH, our COMMITMENT, our EXPERTISE, and the TRUST we build between ourselves and our clients and partners. These short videos tell the story.


ap·proach /eˈproCH/
1. the method used in setting about a task or problem

Our clients get the greatest value through our highly integrated, collaborative design-build approach. With this method, we’re the single source of responsibility and our clients consistently receive their projects completed successfully within budget.


com·mit·ment /ke-ˈmit-ment/
1. the attitude of someone who works hard to succeed

Our job is to make the facilities director’s job easier. We put forward the resources necessary to meet the time frame. We commit to our clients that at the end of the 13-week summer break, the project will be complete and students will be moving in.


ex·per·tise /eksperˈtez/
1. expert skill or knowledge in a particular field

Our clients know that with our expertise we guide the process to an on-time completion – every time. With residence hall projects we know the students are returning when they’re returning. Failure is not an option.


trust /trest/
1. belief that someone is honest, reliable, and effective

We are seasoned construction veterans. Our clients trust that regardless of the surprises we might encounter behind a wall, we will address the issue and keep the project moving forward on track.